Saturday fashion inspiration

alle er fra weheartit.comInspirasjon til klesstilen min! Akkurat n er jeg sykt glad i kors, blomsterprints, rde lepper og bandana i hret, m bare f kjpt mye av det fr det kan brukes. Hehehe.

Inspiration; Portraits Black and white inspiration on a Saturday. Love the expressions, the model, everything.

glam & cute vs rock

Almost everything from topshop, some from LOVE and gina tricot.Unfortunately we don't have topshop in Norway, and I don't have money.

Fantastic films

Forget-me-not .:Coquelicot Open.your.eyes Everyone from Camille Marotte. Amazing movie maker. After just a glimpse of a movie I fell in love.Can't find words to describe it but, I was really e...

Heart right now!

link, link, link, link, link, link. I Heart cross details/prints and american flag print at the moment. Need to buy more rings, my fingers are so bare...What do you think about it? xoxo

Inspiration; Shining Lights.

from weheartit. Forgot the links, sorry.