august 2011

Heart right now!

link, link, link, link, link, link. I Heart cross details/prints and american flag print at the moment. Need to buy more rings, my fingers are so bare...What do you think about it? xoxo

B for Brokenhearted girl

I can't say I'm impressed by myself with these picture. But it was just a spontanious shoot. The light is too bright, and the grass felt som bleach, or something. But, I like the theme, even though...

Inspiration; Shining Lights.

from weheartit. Forgot the links, sorry.

A for Ash

old fanmade picture by me.I just love Ash stymest and his model work. He is special and amazing. He is different, And I just love different! I'm going to do something i've never seen on a blog bef...