september 2011

Travelling tomorrow

I'm not really proud of these pictures. Made them a little to sharp, and didn't like the light.Today I've watched 11 episodes of Awkward. which is a really funny, half clich/half realistic serie a...

Sunny days makes me smile

easy edit on these. From the summer.I love those autumn days when it's supposed to be cold and rainy here in norway, but then the sun shines with warm weather and it feels like summer again. I alwa...

Facing the undone

Hello. Today I have done nothing.. Feels like a waste of time. But now, I'm gonna draw something I'm undone with, or write on something I'm undone with. Because I have so many unfinished things! Argh.

It's me again

Shirt - Tommy Hilfiger / Jeans - Cubus / sunglasses - Rayban / sandals - Somewhere in spain.well, as said. My stepsister and I always take photos of each other with my camera, so... a lot of the pi...

See me

model; Karen , Photo&edit; me.Just took some photos outside in the garden. Finally not pictures of me! But, well, I like to be on the pictures and behind, so they'll come too.Had really fun in Mari...


Bad photos Iknow, but I didn't want to go out so... And I dont have a camera remote, so it's really hard to take pictures of myself this way.Today I have read in LOVE, wore a hilfiger shirt and now...

Love Hurts

some pictures of Lovise. She is so beautiful and not used to modeling, but I think she managed really well.


I try everything, to make them seeBut everyone, sees what I can't be. Even when I'm walking on a wire,Even when I put myself on fireWhy do I always feel invisible, invisibleEveryday I try to look...

Fantastic films

Forget-me-not .:Coquelicot Open.your.eyes Everyone from Camille Marotte. Amazing movie maker. After just a glimpse of a movie I fell in love.Can't find words to describe it but, I was really e...

Sweet feet

My toes are aweful. I want to take good photos, but My only equipment where I am now is my camera plus one lens... so, there's no choice other than feets and nature shots.

Green Moss

link This color, Green moss was a really beautiful nail polish. Wantwantwant.And oh, the picture is just georgeous! Grate styling, model and photographer.

D for Dog days

My uncle's dog is so photogenic(?). So is Lucas, my dog, also, but, it's more difficult.


Just a few pictures from Sweden. Spent my weekend at my uncles farm with my cousins and grandparents and stuff. We worked a lot in the woods. It felt really magic when we made a fire and stuff. Ne...

By the sea

I almost cried when I saw this bench. It was written in such a beautiful way. Hope someone make me one when I die. The last week of summer vacation was spent in London and Hastings.But pictures fr...

the awful feeling inside of us.

what do you do, if a near friend is thinking about killing herself? What do you do?Cause I don't know. But I wish I knew what to do, what to say. I think everyone has had the feeling of wanting to...

rain, rain, dripping rain.

nature is beautiful, isn't it? How am I supposed to take pictures, when the rain won't stop? It's been on for weeks, and I hate it. I can't wear the clothes I want, I can't take pictures. Miss the...

C for Colors

one of my favourite edits, long time ago.

Time to pretend.

Photo; Benedicte, Model/editing; me. I had a random shoot with benedicte, just because I liked the outfit, and yeah, I made a lookbook "profile" so some outfitpictures are coming at the blog soon....

Black and White

Old and new photos in black and white.